January 29 – 31,
January 26 - 28,2022PRAGUE

Dear ladies and gentleman,

Let us to thank you for your participation in the 12th Prague multidisciplinary oncology colloquium PragueONCO 2021. You thus contributed to its high professional and scientific level. We were pleased by high attendance of this professional educational meeting and we will be glad if you do us the honor and accept the invitation to the next year which will be already 13th meeting of physicians, nurses and other non-physician health care professionals, that will again be held in the spirit of our mission of our colloquium

“Physicians and nurses of different disciplines together against malignant tumors”

13th Prague multidisciplinary oncology colloquium PragueONCO 2022 will be held on January 26 – 28, 2022 in the Clarion Congress Hotel Prague, Freyova 33, Praha 9.

President of the colloquium:
prof. Luboš Petruželka, MD, CSc.

Scientific secretary:
assoc. prof. Petra Tesařová, MD, CSc.