January 23 – 25,
January 23 - 25,2019PRAGUE

Authors addressed by the committee

Abstracts can be registered till December 10, 2018

Information for authors – active participations

Abstracts can be submitted no later than on December 10, 2018

Information for authors – poster section

Information on acceptance or refusal of the poster to the program will be sent to the author by December 31, 2018

Only citizens and residents of Czech Republic can participate in the competiton for the best poster.

Requirement for presentation and poster abstracts

  • it is necessary to clearly sign whether it is presentation or poster abstract
  • abstracts must be submitted in electronic form
  • abstracts can be either in Czech or English language
  • document: Word for Windows 97 or above
  • format: font Times New Roman, font size 12, spacing 1,5
  • extent: maximum one page A4

Compulsory structure

  • title – upper case letters, bold
  • authors – upper case letters, authors´ names without titles, first name in capital letters
  • institution name – lower case letters
  • text of the abstract divided to: introduction, objective, methods, results, conclusion
  • author´s e-mail
  • used literature is not a part of the abstract

Presentations of active participants must fulfill criteria below

  • Presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or above. “.wmv” is the supported format for video presentation. If other format (.mpg, .avi) is used, it is necessary to verify its functionality in advance to prevent problems during the presentation.
  • Handover of the presentation: at least 2 hours before the start of the respective block. Presentation for the morning block must handed over on the preceding day, or the handover must be agreed individually.
  • Length of the presentation will be specified in the scientific program and must be kept
  • It is possible to use own computer for the presentation. It is necessary to test the functionality of the computer on the day preceding the presentation.
  • Author must mention in the paper he is not in conflict of interests in the context of the topic, development and presentation of the paper. For more information see the document under the link: Declaration of conflict of interest