January 24 – 26,

Very happy number seven…

This year PragueONCO colloquium succeeded. As the colloquium spiritual mother and expert guarantor I have the great pleasure of it. PragueONCO is a conference the main aim of which is the mutual cooperation. Cooperation is also the basic principle of the successful oncology care. I believe oncologists understand this very well no matter from which side they deal with this discipline, from head and neck cancers down to prostatic cancer. Borderline clashes and mutual skirmishes worsen the patients´ prospects of cure and majority of the experts are not interested in them.

We extend PragueONCO of one more day which will be dedicated to the original papers of the whole oncology society. Besides the posters as it has been so far you will have the possibility to present results of oncology research in the way of oral presentations. So it is about time to look forward to 8th colloquium and your presentations…

doc. MUDr. Petra Tesařová, CSc.
Department of Oncology, 1st Faculty of Medicine and General Faculty Hospital